Successful recruitment must take place on an equal level with the candidates. Today, it is no longer sufficient to publish vacancies on job platforms. A modern recruiting strategy requires an employer to rethink the traditional and sometimes old fashioned ways of finding, attracting and  retaining the right person for the right job. The lack of qualified employees in combination with strategic resource planning leads to a paradigm change.


Traditionally, companies had a wide choice of applicants who matched their search criteria however the labour market has changed significantly largely due to demographic change and rising demands on employees. Competition for good candidates has increased and the “War for Talent” is approaching a new intensity… but is it – really?!


Future working environments will be formed by employees who want to evolve and make a significant contribution to their employer’s business objectives. And: they want to do this without sacrificing their private lifes .


How can companies handle these changing demands? How can they react to shorter product life cycles and increased global competition? Do they understand the consequences of positions being open for too long and what it takes to fill those more quickly? Do they realize what it takes to fill them with motivated, engaged, qualified people who truly want to help moving the company forward? And finally how can companies benefit from a speedy, easy, candidate friendly recruitment process to build and maintain a competitive advantage?


Recruitment is key to your company's success: a company that does not make it their priority to adopt and implement an appropriate, efficient and effective Human Resource recruitment strategy across all of its operations, risks not being able to meet the organisational challenges it will face in its lifetime.